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IT Management Programs

Our approach to providing superior IT management and support begins and continues with a portfolio of projects, some ongoing, but all expected to generate a return on investment.

We view fixed projects as those with a definitive ending and, sometimes, with greater impact on the opportunity to achieve success for our clients. The timeline is compact and the pressure to perform more intense. Cornice Networks thrives in these situations, meeting aggressive deadlines and overcoming every obstacle to provide our clients with results.

For our financial institution clients, we most frequently are involved in fixed projects, such as:

De Novos
Our engineering team and project leaders have opened over twenty new financial institutions. Projects are managed to cover the entire cycle of designing the network; working with architects and electricians, integrating the wiring and server rooms with the overall building design, and coordinating datacom and telco installations. We have worked with all of the major processors and understand how the network must integrate with the core technology of a new institution.

New Branch Openings
Cornice Networks has also designed and implemented new networks for more than fifty branch openings, including wide-area networking to the existing branch network. Much like a new institution, the project team must be familiar with the technology and the needs of the building designers to reach completion before opening day.

Software Migration
From ten to one thousand desktops, Cornice Networks has successfully migrated financial institutions to new and updated operating systems and office applications. Due to the complexity and diversity of these projects, we work closely with each client to develop the most non-intrusive process to implement, while working diligently to complete in a timely manner.

Network Device Hardening
Once known vulnerabilities have been identified, Cornice Networks will work to resolve those risks. Our team of security experts reviews the identified risks and determines the best approach to correct them. This may include replacing or repositioning devices, applying patches, upgrading software applications, or just administrating system policies. We work with our clients to make reasonable investment decisions throughout the process, understanding that some solutions can be cost or resource prohibitive.

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Desktop Management
Server Management
Network Device Management
Information Assurance
Vulnerability Assessments
InfoSec Management
Fixed Projects



Local Area Networking (LAN)
Desktop, Server, & System Configuration & Deployment
- Administration Policy Implementation
- Security Analysis & Documentation
- Network Architecture Design & Implementation
- Disaster Recovery & Validation
- Printing Device Configuration & Deployment
- Backup Device Configuration & Deployment

Wide Area Networking (WAN)
-WAN Design & Implementation
- Inter-office & Wide Area Client/Server Connectivity
- VPN Design & Implementation
- Firewall/Security Design & Implementation
- Traffic Shaping, Content Filtering, Packet Prioritization & Content Acceleration

Network Security
- Vulnerability Assessments
- Intrusion Detection & Penetration Testing
- Security Design & Implementation
- Network Device Hardening
- Risk & Forensic Analysis
- Critical Response

IT Consulting
- IT Investment Analysis
- Security Policy & Procedure Review
- Project Management

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