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The Network Device Management Program was established to provide consistent maintenance and review of wide-area networking and Internet devices. Whether in a multi-branched network or regulating traffic to a core processor, these routers, firewalls, and modems are critical pieces of the communications infrastructure.

This program is organized to establish regular intervals of review to determine the overall system health of each device. In some instances, the reviews will include application and security updates for devices running an operating system. The goal of the program is to minimize errors, prevent system failures, and sustain the integrity of the entire network.

Network Devices
Cornice Networks has developed expertise in a number of edge devices, including routers, firewalls, and modems. Each device will be catalogued and an asset inventory created. This inventory data is updated upon conclusion of each periodic review.

Application & Patch Management
Some devices run operating systems that regularly requires release and security updates to be implemented. These updates or "patches" are intended to correct security and other issues. An integral part of our management program is to maintain the applications and integrity of each device by reviewing and installing these updates.

Traffic & Event Log Monitoring
Traffic logs are continually generated to reflect web, email, and other network system requests from inside and outside of the network. The traffic is reviewed to create usage patterns. The results can be applied to tele- and data-communications growth plans, as well as, identifying potential security threats. Event logs are reviewed to identify similar patterns that result in system events.

Error Resolution
System events may often be the cause of service interruption or inefficient traffic handling. Cornice Networks not only resolves errors when they arise, but identifies the causes and recommends actions to prevent future errors.

Activity Reports
To assist you in making appropriate business decisions, Cornice Networks provides you with plain English management reports at the end of each maintenance cycle that clearly defines:

- what was found,
- the impact of those findings,
- what action was taken, and
- our recommendations for further actions, if necessary

Cornice Networks maintains an experienced and educated team of network engineers. Our expertise with branded devices, operating systems, networking applications, and the technology needs of the financial services industry is broad.

The Network Device Management Program is intended to be an ongoing management and support service. Most of our clients engage us on an annual basis to perform these services at quarterly intervals. For some businesses, monthly or semi-annual intervals may be more appropriate.

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